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reikiHope Reiki was founded to provide people of all ages and backgrounds an effective approach to healing, clearing and bringing to balance their minds, bodies and spirits.

If you are someone who has experienced pain, loss, fear, anxiety, stress, emotional turmoil, confusion, worry, resentment, distrust, or fatigue just to mention a few, then a Reiki treatment is a safe, effective way to improve your overall wellbeing.

I am honored that you have offered your time and energy to examine the possibilities that Reiki can bring to your life. I welcome you to explore the many benefits it can bring you and your families as I believe all our energies inspire well being not only in ourselves but also in each other. I wish you many incredible experiences in life, love, health and your personal pursuit of self-discovery.

Please feel free to ask questions, as I am happy to share and collect new resources for you, myself and the next visitors. I look forward to connecting with you, to share and create positive changes in the world together.

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Reclaiming Your Personal Power Workshop

Sunday, March 25, 2018 - 3:00PM to 6:00PM

55 Spring Garden Avenue Suite 200, Toronto ON M2N 3G1



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