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"Healer, heal thy self": Who I Am

My name is Lucia, which means light and I would like to share with you how and why I became a Reiki Master.

In my early thirties I became interested in Metaphysics.  I began to understand energy in ways that I hadn’t even thought to ask and more importantly how it was being played out in my life. This was just the beginning to the many masters I would come to know, admire and learn from.

First there was my metaphysics teacher Christopher, who helped me to see the many dimensions of how we are all interconnected to people and places that exist without the limitations of time, space, or ego. 

Then there was Cynthia of Constellation Learning, with whom I learned to peel away the many layers that had accumulated due to ill experiences and events. It was a process of letting go beliefs that no longer served my development and forge a clearer, fearless and trusting way of being.  

Shortly thereafter, I met Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living. Here is where I learned to breathe properly, and incorporate meditation in my daily practice of being one with all that lives.

I enrolled in classes at Transformational Arts College, where I learned about the practical methods of human energy fields, how to recognize the many textures, layers, and movements of energy and its many modalities. I managed to make my body stronger, my confidence grew and I accepted full responsibility to control and master my own energy. I also attended Dahn Hak Yoga classes to make my physical body stronger, more flexible and there I learned experientially how to harmonize both mind and body.

I am grateful for my Reiki master, Sonja whose compassion, healing, and teachings will not be forgotten.

Over ten years, I’ve gone from one teaching method to another, and in truth, it was all necessary to become the Reiki master that I am grateful to be. It is my love and passion to facilitate, encourage and support in the healing of all who want the very best health, happiness and success for themselves and others.

What makes me an effective Reiki Master?

When you choose to work with me you can expect the following to be true:

  • I believe in you and your commitment to your health and happiness. After all, you did find me and that could not have happened by chance.

  • I am passionate, trustworthy, skillful, gentle, empathetic, professional and authentic.

  • I practice what I preach. I’ve done my own work and will continue to do so.

  • For me it’s all about sharing. I believe there is abundance in our world and not a lack of.

  • I believe we all have the ability to do great feats, and to live our deepest desires with purpose for ourselves while inspiring others. 
  • I’ve dedicated 23 years of working in the Public Sector, developing, supporting and implementing programs primarily for families with children and senior citizens living with social and economical barriers.

  • I’m a published author and Ambassador of Peace.




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